How we work – North Mara Community Trust Fund
North Mara Community Trust FundNorth Mara Community Trust FundNorth Mara Community Trust Fund
Maendeleo ya Mara Kaskazini ni Maendeleo ya Tanzania
North Mara Community Trust FundNorth Mara Community Trust FundNorth Mara Community Trust Fund

How We Work

Driving the shift in the financial inclusion agenda from access to usage and quality

Building on the remarkable progress made over the past decade in improving financial inclusion across the country, we aim to lead public-private partnerships to further drive regular and effective use of financial services, increasing value for end users in their daily lives.

We will continue to proactively gather and share evidence on the demand side of the financial sector to catalyse market innovation through appropriate and responsive policies, regulations and solutions. Such evidence has highlighted key socio-economic groups with persistently high levels of financial exclusion and low usage, namely women, youth, rural dwellers, farmers and small enterprises. These markets need to be served in order to ensure the majority of Tanzanians derive value from the regular use of financial services.

Our focus has therefore shifted from access to usage while consolidating and building on the established foundation from our past achievements. Our aim is to instill the core drivers of usage in the delivery of financial services which include “relevance, appropriateness and affordability” on the demand-side and “convenience” from a supply perspective. In so doing, FSDT seeks to galvanise evidence-based innovation in not only product development, but also in the continuation of forward-thinking legal and regulatory environments.

Our focus going forward is to encourage enhanced usage by supporting a more responsive and sustainable financial sector which can offer greater consumer choice and protection. Together with our partners, our shared vision is that, as financial service providers launch innovative solutions which are more relevant, appropriate and affordable, people and businesses derive more value from these solutions and use them regularly in their everyday lives, benefitting themselves and the economy as a whole.

Who we work with

Looking to the future, we need to work together with our partners to reach the large share of the population who remain excluded or underserved and look to identify and understand the challenges on both the supply and demand sides.

  • Development partners
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Fintechs
  • Policymakers
  • Regulators
  • Civil society organisations
HOW WE WORK Since its launch in 2004, the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) has been committed in its work to catalyse market innovation and intervention, enabling stakeholders to implement policies, regulations and solutions which are responsive to the needs of individuals, smallholder farmers and businesses.
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PIC Members

  • Suleiman Missango (Bank of Tanzania)
  • Stephen Kijazi (Global Affairs Canada)
  • Ihunyo Nzogere (Embassy of Denmark)
  • Mattias Lindström (Embassy of Sweden)
  • Amani M’bale (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • George Mulamula (Dar Teknohama Business Incubator)

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Working at the Financial Sector Deepening (T) means an opportunity to learn about new trends and developments that affect access to finance, and to engage directly with the financial institutions government policymakers and regulators, and other actors – including low-income clients themselves – who are concerned about building inclusive financial systems.
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